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Tax Equalization or Protection

Whether you are a Foreign National or U.S. Expatriate; Protax can prepare, consult on or explain to you your compensation package, including that as pertains to your specific tax equalization or protection arrangements.

Your employer may have a well established tax equalization or protection program in place designed to compensate you and to ensure that you pay no more worldwide income taxes than you would have had you remained in your current position in your home country (U.S. for U.S. citizens and U.S. green card holders) and not accepted your foreign assignment. Or, your employer may not have such a pre-established program in place and may require that you establish such a program or have independent, informed and competent professionals run the numbers on their behalf.

Either way, we can prepare, consult on and explain to you your individual situation and come up with relevant, value added suggestions that can save you real significant tax dollars.

Let us properly prepare your country specific entry or exit interviews to advise you of your proper home and host country entry and exit strategies. Let us coordinate your worldwide tax schemes to let you concentrate on what you do best!!

We are dedicated to educating our professional and intelligent clients, who desire to be kept aware as to U.S. tax laws affecting the amount of U.S. income tax they will pay as well as developing and constantly changing new U.S. tax law.

We invest the time and resources to meet with our clients as often as required to ensure optimum tax savings mechanisms are in place.

We have excellent articles on this website that will help explain the above in more detail your high net worth filing positions.

Please contact us for a free consultation and for further details.

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