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Expatriate Tax Policy Consulting

We will prepare, consult on and explain compensation package options related to your assignees foreign assignments. Current country, global and industry trends are all important considerations to factor when attempting to set policy that is both fair and competitive in the global and industry market place as this will serve to augment your employee retention abroad. Compensation matching to industry standards can avoid costly corporate decision mistakes, including the closure of an overseas operation.

Expatriate tax policy consulting is a necessary and crucial step to any company wishing to employ the services of their employees abroad. Simple policies relating to: company assignment philosophy, assignment letters, pre-assignment matters, relocation coverage, conditions of employment, items of compensation, assignment completion or termination and repatriation, and other should all be addressed in detail at the early stages and in writing to avoid future and costly misunderstandings. Additionally these policies must be consistent and fair to all assignees, and have a mechanism to resolve unforeseen matters which always occur.

Please contact us for a free consultation and for further details.

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