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Partnership Tax

Protax specializes in small business partnership tax and applicable State tax filings.

Protax understands the values, aims, and objectives of closely held private small businesses and we have ideas and developed strategies to help you meet and implement those values, aims and objectives. Tax minimization is our ultimate concern and we will help you devise strategies to meet that most important objective. Whether the issues involve flow through entity issues or those of it’s owners, taking care of closely held private small businesses and their partners is a specialty of ours.

We specialize in business tax election filing statuses as related to Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) in addition to our Accounting Business Management Services.

Protax can advise you as to the applicable tax laws and regulations and we will consult with you on the preparation of your US tax return Form 1065 and partner K-1’s and any required State tax filings. In addition, we can help your partners with the preparation of their Individual tax returns Form 1040.

We are dedicated to educating our professional and intelligent clients, who desire to be kept aware as to US tax laws affecting the amount of US income tax they will pay as well as developing and constantly changing new US tax law.

We invest the time and resources to meet with our clients as often as required to ensure optimum tax savings mechanisms are in place.

We have excellent articles on this website that will help explain the above in more detail your high net worth filing positions.

Please contact us for a free consultation and for further details.

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Member and Featured Faculty of