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  • February 2017 – Friend of Protax Consulting, Bridget T. Roberts with Marc J. Strohl, Principal. On February 27, I attended the New York Tax Study Group and met up with my good friend Bridget T. Roberts, the National Taxpayer Advocate who reports directly to the POTUS.

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Marc J. Strohl, CPA is a frequent external speaker on U.S. international individual taxation matters and is guest faculty giving Continuing Professional Education (C.P.E.) and Continuing Legal Education (C.L.E.) to attorneys and C.P.A.’s worldwide. He is featured as a guest speaker and lecturer at NYSSCPA International Tax Committee engagements, including their annual FAE- International Taxation Conference. He is also featured faculty at and, the leading accountants and attorneys provider of online C.P.E. and C.L.E. Education courses worldwide.

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Member and Featured Faculty of