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Can I Deduct Moving Expenses & Mortgage Taxes Abroad in My US Return?

Q&A: Can we deduct moving expenses and mortgage interest/taxes abroad in our US return?

Q: My wife is a dual Australian / US Citizen. We are now residents of (and homeowners in) Australia. In June 2009, we incurred approximately $10,000 in moving expenses from Tennessee to Australia. Are any of our moving expenses to Australia deductible? Does US Tax Code allow us to deduct any of the mortgage interest or taxes paid for our primary residence in Australia?

Also, my wife and I have spent only 10 days in the USA since July 2008, so for TY 2010, 330 Rule is assured. Given the benefit of US Taxes 330 Rule, is it better to file as a US Citizen and offset Australian tax liabilities against that filing?

A: For Federal purposes you can deduct your moving expenses. You can also deduct foreign mortgage interest on Schedule A.

As for filing, there is only one option – all US citizens are required to report their worldwide income to the IRS each year. You can get a tax credit for foreign taxes paid, but your US tax return is still your primary tax return (in the eyes of the IRS).


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