If I Take a Cruise Departing from the US, How Will it Affect my Physical Presence Test?

Q&A: If I take a cruise departing from the States, how will it affect my Physical Presence Test?

Q: I am a US expat living in Brazil. I am trying to find some data on US expats taking cruises. I recall something about if a cruise departs from a US port, it will still be considered as time in the US and would count against the physical presence requirements. I have checked the IRS website as well as the State Dept Travel website, but I have been unsuccessful in finding the answer to this question.

A: If you are living in Brazil, then your tax home is Brazil. That doesn’t change because you are on a cruise for a week or two. In this instance, you are still outside of the US and you have established a tax home already.

However, all bets are off if you are wondering if you can live on a cruise ship and also qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

The Physical Presence Test has two parts:

  • Tax Home
  • 330 days

You must meet both.


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