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It’s My First Year Abroad; How Should I File Back Home, and How do I get an Extension?

Q: This is my first year abroad and I have been away since April 2009. I was a resident of Oregon in the beginning of 2008 then California as of May 2008. What do i need to do/know to file taxes? Do I automatically get the extension for filing or do i need to file by April 15th since its m...

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I’ll be Working in Another Country But Am Paid by My Company in the US; What do I Need to Know?

Q&A: I’ll be working in another country but paid by my company in the US– what do I need to know? Q: I would like some information regarding expatriate tax as related to my somewhat unique situation. My company is planning to send me to the Dominican Republic to work with our of...

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I Don’t Think I’m Actually an Expat. Do I Need to File?

Q&A: I don’t think I’m actually an expat. Do I need to file? Q: Hi, I’m American but I live in the Netherlands and am married to a Dutch citizen. I am not an expat, as I’m on a highly skilled migrant visa and I work for a Dutch company, earning euros. I’ve been told that I...

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What Do I Need to Do About Self-Employment Taxes if I Have Already Paid into a Foreign System?

Q&A: I’m self-employed and confused– what do I need to do about US Self-Employment taxes if I have already paid into a foreign system? Q: I have been in Finland for 12 years, and I am returning the the United States and filing previous year’s taxes. I am confused by the appare...

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If I Take a Cruise Departing from the US, How Will it Affect my Physical Presence Test?

Q&A: If I take a cruise departing from the States, how will it affect my Physical Presence Test? Q: I am a US expat living in Brazil. I am trying to find some data on US expats taking cruises. I recall something about if a cruise departs from a US port, it will still be considered a...

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Can I Deduct Moving Expenses & Mortgage Taxes Abroad in My US Return?

Q&A: Can we deduct moving expenses and mortgage interest/taxes abroad in our US return? Q: My wife is a dual Australian / US Citizen. We are now residents of (and homeowners in) Australia. In June 2009, we incurred approximately $10,000 in moving expenses from Tennessee to Australia...

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Should I Pay into the US Social Security System so That I can Receive Medicare Benefits Later in Life?

Q&A: Should I pay into the US Social Security system so that I can receive Medicare benefits down the line? Q: I am considering whether it would be worthwhile for me to pay into the US social security system, in order to receive a Social Security payment and receive Medicare benefit...

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Are Lottery Winnings in a Foreign Country Taxable in the US?

Q&A: Are lottery winnings in a foreign country taxable in the US? Q: I am a US citizen living in England. If I were to win the UK lottery (which is tax free) – would I still be liable to pay taxes to the U.S? I file U.S. taxes each year along with the foreign earned income form. ...

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How do we Handle Residency When We’ve Left our US Home to Foreclosure?

Q&A: How do we handle residency when we’ve left our US home to foreclosure? Q: In July 2009, we “walked away” from our Ohio home, deciding to leave it to foreclosure. As we are officially homeowners in the state of Ohio, until such time as foreclosure occurs, does Ohio still c...

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Are Education Assistance, Housing, and Vehicle Benefits Taxable Income?

Q&A:  Are education assistance, housing, and vehicle benefits taxable income? Q: I’m getting transferred to the UAE and I can get up to $13,000 USD for education assistance for my elementary school daughter. Is this taxable income? What about housing and company car? I would apprec...

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